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Starcraft is an Real Time Strategy game released by Blizzard entertainment in 1998. It was made following the success of Warcraft II buy the company and contains three distinctive factions. Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. The factions featured different units and abilities meaning that different strategies were required for playing each faction.


The main feature of the Terran forces is a diversity of units and capabilities and a transforming mode heavy ground unit. Their buildings can be repaired when damaged but if they every go into the red they start to 'burn down' and will eventually be destroyer if not repaired quickly. Their defenses include a anti-air missile turret and a bunker that can be loaded with infantry units to serve as weapons for the structure. Their Wraith starfighters and Ghost infantry include cloaking technology and their battlecuisers can be upgraded to have a heavy assault cannon. Detector units are required to see cloaked units.

  • Units
    • SCV Space Construction Vehicle
    • Marine
    • Firebat Marine
    • Ghost
    • Medic(expansion)
    • Vulture Hoverbike
    • Goliath Battle Mech
    • Siege Tank
    • Wraith Starfighter
    • Valkyrie Frigate(expansion)
    • Battlecruiser
    • Science Vessel
    • Quantradyne APOD-33 dropship


The Protoss have a heavy variety of units but only one type of infantry unit. Their units all feature shields as extra protection as well units capable of psionic attacks. Once damage has gotten through the shields of a Protoss unit that damage can not be repaired. Their Archon unit is created by merging two Templar units. Their Arbiter unit allows for complete and unpowered cloaking of all friendly units nearby it. The unit can also teleport units from one location to it's location on the battlefield. Much of their units rely on robotics. All Protoss structures are teleported into the battle area completely built making building a base very fast for a Protoss player.

  • Units
    • Probe
    • Zealot
    • High Templar
    • Dark Templar(expansion as playable)
    • Archon
    • Dark Archon(Expansion)
    • Reaver
    • Dragoon
    • Interceptor
    • Corsair(expansion)
    • Carrier
    • Arbiter
    • Observer(cloaked)
    • Shuttle


The Zerg faction relies on biological technology so all of their units and structures are alive requiring a hive or creep colony to generate the living gunk the buildings require to exist. The faction is infamous for it's cheap units namely the Zergling and the anti-air Scourge. Their detector unit also serves as their transport and unit control system. Their units will slowly auto-heal if not fully killed in combat.

  • Units
    • Drone
    • Zerglings
    • Hydralisk
    • Lurker(Expansion)
    • Infested Terran
    • Ultralisk
    • Defiler
    • Scourge
    • Mutalisk
    • Guardian
    • Devourer(Expansion)
    • Queen
    • Overlord