Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections

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The nail in the Trektard coffin.
The Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections (often abbreviated ICS) is a series of books that contain technical cutaway diagrams of ships, vehicles, and technological items from all of the Star Wars films. The ICS books for the original trilogy and Episode 1 were written by David West Reynolds, while the books for Episodes 2 and 3 were written by Curtis Saxton.

The End of the Versus Debate

The release of Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections: Attack of the Clones is sometimes referred to as the end of the versus debate against Star Trek (and some other franchises) because it gives clear, quantified figures for acceleration, weapons, and defensive shielding to various ships appearing in the movie. However, it is still lower canon than G-canon (if canon at all), which means that evidence from G canon can override it. Most arguments in favor of Star Trek against Star Wars now usually involve trying to discredit the ICS.