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|Company = 20th Century Fox
|Company = 20th Century Fox
|ReleaseDate = August 15, 2008
|ReleaseDate = August 15, 2008
|Image = [[Image:Clonewarscg 4.jpg|thumb]]
|Image = [[Image:Clonewarscg 4.jpg|200px]]
|Website = [http://www.starwars.com StarWars.com]
|Website = [http://www.starwars.com StarWars.com]

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Clonewarscg 4.jpg

George Lucas


Dave Filoni


20th Century Fox

Release Date:

August 15, 2008




Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a new computer-animated motion picture and cartoon series from Lucasfilm, depicting events that occur between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The Movie

The animated Clone Wars story started as the upcoming television show. George Lucas decided the animation and story was good enough for a feature film.

The story has Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda, and introduces a "new feisty female Jedi sidekick called Ahsoka Tano."

The animation style is similar to Japanese Anime, and the characters move like the puppets from the Thunderbirds television show. [1]

The movie opened in 3rd place, meaning more people went to see The Dark Knight than the brand-new Star Wars movie. Reviews were mixed and mostly negative, earning the film a 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. [2] Many critics have compared it to an over-long Saturday morning cartoon.

The TV Show

Fully armored Y-Wings from the TV show

The TV series is being produced in High Definition and will air on the cable channel Cartoon Network.[3] There will be at least forty 22-minute episodes.

The first episode, "Ambush," aired Friday, October 3, 2008.

SciFiWeekly has reviewed the series premier and given it a "B" rating. [4]


The ever-popular Karen Traviss' novelization of the movie was published in June, 2008. [5] Stargate novelist Karen Miller based the second book, Wild Space, on the TV series and will be published in November, 2008. [6]

Three more Clone Wars novels will be published, with one more by Traviss and two more by Miller. [7]


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