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Name: Sokartawi

Type: Karma Obsessed Selfish Cowardly Idiot

Title: Crazy Karma Chameleon

Status: Active

Period of Activity: 8 Jan 2004-7 Jan 2007

Affiliations: None, who would want to be affiliated with this idiot. She'd betray them in an instant if they were in danger.

Description: When Sokartawi, AKA Scrotum-tawi, AKA Sock-it-to-me, AKA Shakkara, AKA ShaKKKara, appeared in Jan 2004, she was reasonable and contributed to the debates, and continues to do so, especially in the GAC Forum. On 21 May, she began to display her view that "Morals are more important then anything else." This is also where she first mentioned her "definition" of murder. On 29 June we got our first glimse of her contempt for military personnel. On 13 Oct, she went completely off the deep end and began a series of attacks that last to the current day.

Greatest Hits:

Our first glimse of Sokartawi's moral stance

Sokartawi's contempt for the military appears

Why I have no respect for soldiers, by Sokartawi

Where Sokartawi earned her title

Sokartawi's Title

Editor: Jason L. Miles

Thanks to Rogue 9 for 2 AKAs