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Sheppard is a long time member of SDN, having been around for the board's precedessor, alt.startrek.vs.starwars (aka ASVS). He is outspoken on many issues, most notably nuclear warfare, military spending, and nuking the godless commies. His opinions are considered by some to be somewhat over the top.

He is the only person to actually use the phone number that Kynes found for Robert Scott Anderson, and call him. This of course led to cries of persecution from Darkstar.

Shep is the founding father, and co-author of the literary experiment known as the Unnamed Porno Fanfic (also known as UPF). UPF has gained critical acclaim as a masterpiece of fan fiction and is known for its ruthless treatment of Star Trek and of SDN board denizens.

He is SDN's only Nukesexual.

Allegations of Bitterness

It has come to our attention that there have been allegations of Sheppard being bitter, most notably against Lonestar, because he gets his ass kicked at RTSes. This is completely false; as if Shep was bitter, he'd be calling Lonestar a shitcock instead of a poopyhead. This is ironic because, despite an encyclopedic knowledge of all things military, he cannot fight his way out of a wet paper bag.


Maryland, USA.


  • Shep
  • The Atomic Dolphin


Artistic Depictions of Sheppard


Drawing of Shep as The Atomic Dolphin, by Gil Hamilton.