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The Prometheus-class prototype.
Multi-vector assault mode
The Prometheus-class is one of the newest classes of Federation starship. The prototype was stolen by the Romulans in the VOY episode "Message in a Bottle".


  • Affiliation: United Federation of Planets, Starfleet
  • Length: 415 meters
  • Decks: 16
  • Crew: 175
  • Defenses: Regenerative Shields, Ablative Armor, MVAM
  • Armament: 18 Phaser Arrays (docked mode), Photon Torpedoes, Quantum Torpedoes
  • Maximum Speed: at least Warp 9.9

Multi-Vector Assault Mode

The Prometheus-class

This is that ship that splits into three ships. Yeah, it's a really stupid idea: get three bad destroyer-size vessels from one bad cruiser-sized one. Oddly, it kicks Romulan ass even when crewed by incompetent holograms. Since we only ever saw it in one episode of Voyager, its abilities are dubious at best.