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Created in accordance with the Tarkin Doctrine, priority sectors are an additional layer of governance overlaid over the traditional sector system, commanded by Grand Moffs.

Rather than being tied around geographic, cultural, or historical boundaries like regular sectors, they instead center around systems where signs of unrest have been detected, or systems in regular contact with systems where unrest is a chronic problem. As such, they often cross the boundaries of standard sectors, and may contain worlds from dozens of sectors.

The two rationales for the system are:

  • Rebellions and such are not confined to a single geographic area, and can spread across several different sectors, and co-ordination problems between the [[Moff]s] of different sectors makes a combined effort hard to organize.
  • While the resources of a Sector Group/Army (1,600 combat starships and 1.18 million men) is enough for a Deep Core sector containing only a few worlds, out on the Outer Rim, where a sector may contain large amounts of worlds, these resources will be strained. Priority Sectors allow for additional resources to be specifically targeted towards problem areas, reinforcing the already existing sector resources.

Priority sectors are the first to receive new equipment and to have their losses replaced. Sometimes, they are formed to carry out special missions that the Emperor has a personal interest in. The Death Star project is one such example.


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