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== Notable Figures ==
== Notable Figures ==
*Char Aznable
*Degwin Zabi
*Gihren Zabi
*Gihren Zabi

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The flag of the Principality of Zeon, Remind you of anything?

The Principality of Zeon is a nation in the Universal Century Gundam universe which serves as the Priamry Antagnoists through the series.


Around 2080, Humanity began moving its population off of earth into a large number of O'neill Cylinder space colonies at various Lagrange Points.


The Principality of Zeon was based at the Side 3 Lagrange Point and had a population of about 400 million, this was reduced to 200 Million in the nuclear exchanges in the opening stages of the war.

Notable Figures

  • Char Aznable
  • Degwin Zabi
  • Gihren Zabi

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