Officio Assassinorum

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The Officio Assassinorum is an organization of the government of the Imperium of Man that trains and equips a number of specialized assassins to remove individual enemies of the state. The Officio Assassinorum is divided into various temples which specialize in different strategies.

Known Temples

  • Vindicare: Trains assassins in the use of stealth equipment and long-range sniper rifles.
  • Eversor: Creates drug-fueled, close-combat killing machines to terrorize enemy command structures.
  • Callidus: Trains assassins in the use of polymorphine, a drug the assassins use to disguise themselves by physically altering their bodies, so they can infiltrate opposing organizations to reach critical targets.
  • Culexus: Trains anti-psychic "pariahs" to locate and kill psychic opponents.
  • Venemum: Trains assassins in the preparation and use of poisons.