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Mockery of stupid people, things and ideas (such as Deities, Gay GOP scandals, Bush II, Trolls) is a common pastime on SDN.

Stupid People

Many debators on both sides of the 'versus' debate are stupid people. The followers of Darkstar being a prime example of the extreme end of the spectrum.

Another example of a stupid person on SDN who is still (relatively) sane is chitterling AKA Chithoryu12

Stupid Things

Religion, see stupidity.

Fundies AKA Fundamentalism, See Lots of Stupidity.

The comicbook industry is supported by slavish, quality-insensitive fans, and is thus ripe for mockery. For an SDN example, the Civil War banners.

Stupid Ideas

Ideas may be stupid for many reasons. Holding a stupid idea opens one to mockery, and the idea itself is also able to be mocked. A 'versus' example of this would be the Alderaan Argument, which is so obviously incorrect it is only held by the truly stupid. Or the claim that all humans in the SW universe have metal spines (See Darkstar).