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Moderator of a UserGroup.

Has Moderator powers only within that sub-forum.

Private group leaders aka mini-mods

Rob Wilson -- Chancellor of the Senate/Head Mini-mod -- The Mess (Co-mod) -- The Imperial Senate

Coyote -- The Mess (Co-mod)

fgalkin -- SD.Net Chronicle

Frank Hipper -- GALE Force (Group tyrant)

Ghost Rider -- Justice League

haas mark -- Brotherhood of the Monkey

InnerBrat -- Society of Sisters (No Boys Allowed) (Co-mod)

Kuja -- Mecha Maniacs

LadyTevar -- Knights Astrum Clades

Mr Flibble -- Supporters of Chris

RedImperator -- Writer's Guild

RogueIce -- The Mess (Acting Moderator)

Sea Skimmer -- Heavy Armour Brigade aka HAB

SirNitram -- Cybertron

The Yosemite Bear -- Brotherhood of the Monkey (Co-mod)

Zaia -- Society of Sisters (No Boys Allowed)

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