Migrant Fleet

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The Migrant Fleet is the traveling home of the quarians after they were driven from their home world by the geth. The fleet is comprised of more than 50,000 ships of various types, ranging from small scale craft to large agricultural vessels known as "live ships". Most of the ships are civilian in nature, but many are combat-ready, including live ships retrofitted with heavy mass accelerators.

The quarians rarely allow members of other species to come aboard their ships.


  • Civilian Fleet: Commanded by Admiral Zaal'Koris, this fleet consists primarily of transports and "live ships", which contain agricultural facilities. Many of them have, however, been fitted with military-grade mass accelerator weapons. Lacking comparable defenses, they were described by Jeff Moreau as "glass cannons". The Civilian fleet is the largest component of the Migrant Fleet.
  • Heavy Fleet: Commanded by Admiral Han'Gerrel, the heavy fleet consists of dreadnoughts, cruisers, frigates, and other dedicated warships.
  • Patrol Fleet: Commanded by Admiral Shala'Raan, the patrol fleet consists mostly of fast warships like frigates and fighters.
  • "Special Projects": The Special Projects fleet is the smallest portion of the Migrant Fleet. Commanded by Admiral Daro'Xen, it is composed of science ships.