Mars Defense Perimeter spacecraft

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The mighty defenders of Earth

Mars Defense Perimeter spacecraft were only seen in part two of TNG "Best of Both Worlds", attempting to intercept and destroy or repel a Borg Cube that was approaching Earth. Only three were seen.


We know almost nothing about these spacecraft.

  • It is not clear whether they are manned warships or drones of some kind.
  • It is not clear whether they have warp capability or are limited to impulse speeds.
  • It is not clear whether they are armed with weapons like phasers and photon torpedoes or behave more like long-range missiles.
  • It is not clear whether they have shields to protect them from enemy fire.

What is clear is that the Borg ship made short work of them, destroying each with a single weapon pulse.


According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, these ships are unmanned drones.