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Losers so lame even the Borg want nothing to do with them.
The Kazon are a humanoid race native to the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy in Star Trek.


The Kazon are loosely organized into an assortment of rival clans, each perpetually trying to gain influence over the others and expand its territory. Each clan has its own leadership and hierarchy. One thing that seems common to all is a bully-like infighting, leading to rights of passage involving attacking and harming others.

A Kazon prison is a line drawn on the floor that the prisoner is told not to cross.[1]


Kazon are red-skinned humanoids with rather pronounced bone structures in their faces, and... as if you couldn't guess... ridges in the middle of their foreheads. Kazon are typically tall and heavily built, although this may simply reflect the preferences of their military recruiters, as few (if any) civilian Kazon were ever seen. Training (or what passes as such among the Kazon) begins at a young age.

The Kazon have demonstrated little creativity in technological, tactical, or strategic matters. All of their technology is stolen, and perpetual infighting limits their organization and expansion. Their only noteworthy achievement is the fact that the largest Kazon warships are several kilometers in length. It is likely that they will squander whatever influence they have in the coming years and be displaced by other factions.

Threat Assessment

The Kazon are a negligible threat to any well-organized government that possesses typical technology for Star Trek (phasers, warp drive, shields, etc.). The Borg consider them so pathetic that assimilating them would actually degrade the Collective.

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