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A droid's worst nightmare

Jawas are humanoids who live on Tatooine in Star Wars. Those seen have existed primarily as technological scavengers, gathering abandoned droids, vehicles, and machines to resell them to other inhabitants of the planet.


Jawas are small for humanoids, standing about one meter tall. They have orange eyes that glow brightly; the function of the glow is unknown. All Jawas seen have been covered from head to toe in robes and wrappings, so their true appearance is a mystery.

Their only known weapon is an ion rifle used to disable wandering droids for capture.

Jawa Society

Jawas are organized into clans based around Sandcrawlers, ancient treaded mining vehicles. Occasionally these congregate in Swap Meets.

Threat Assessment

Jawas appear to be opportunists who are willing to "kidnap" wandering droids and may be willing to rob isolated civilians, but they don't appear to have sufficient resources to be a significant power even on Tatooine. They have no known spacecraft, limiting their influence to their home planet.