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The history of stardestroyer.net

This page is incomplete, mostly because no one bothered to do the damn research Fgalkin laid out.

Chapter I: Genesis

In the beginning, there was only a vast nothingness. Then, there was Mike Wong, and there were Star Trek, and Star Wars, and the Internet. Then, there were ASVS and SDN, and, finally, the SDN forums were born.

This chapter deals with the creation of the SDN message board: the events that led to its creation, and the First Days.

Chapter II: The Early Days

SDN was young, but strong, and infused with the traditions of the old ASVS. The discussion was interesting, and spamless, but deep in the great vastness of the Internet, there were evil beings called “Trekkie trolls” and they hated Mike Wong with a great hatred. Yet, even they failed to destroy the greatness that is SDN, and discussion continued. These were the Early Days, a time now known only in legend.

This chapter deals with the first period of SDN history: the Early Days (a time from the first week of SDN to the WCotC invasion), the earliest trolls (Sith God, user099, and, of course, DarkStar). All trolls are included, not just Trekkie trolls.

Chapter III: When Worlds Collide: Invasion of the Donkey Snatchers

The Early Days were a time of great glory and interesting discussion. Yet all things must come to an end, and so did the first era of SDN, for deep in the dark ocean of the Internet was a terrible force ready to be awakened, a force capable of destroying whole worlds with their stupidity, a force inbred and smelling of manure, the enemies of the local farmers and all things sane and logical: the WCotC.

This chapter deals with the invasion of the WCotC.

Chapter IV: The First Age

The Donkey Rapists have shattered our innocence in the matters of trolls, but given us a brand new forum: the Hall of Shame, a place where all the evil trolls are drowned in a lake of boiling magma that is the flames of SDN. The Early Days were gone forever, their spirit remaining only in the memory of the SDN Old Ones. Yet, life continued, new members joined, new invasions followed (by the Elite Fitness jocks and the Plainfield punks), and new trolls (Mike_6002, Pavel, patkelly, and the rest).

This chapter deals with the period from the WCotC invasion until the Weekend of Hell. Since this chapter is quite large, it may be broken up into smaller chapters if proven necessary.

Chapter V: The Weekend of Hell

The First Age of SDN was long and glorious. While there were many challenges, we have persevered, and SDN became the shining pillar of logic that it is today. It seemed that the future would be constantly bright, the trolls stupid and easily dealt with, and the people happy and perverted as ever. However, underneath the peaceful façade, dark processes brewed. Many members were in conflict secretly. It was only a matter of time until the tension reached a critical point and exploded. That time came on a weekend in February which would soon be known as the Weekend of Hell. A massive flamewar erupted, not between a troll and the members, but between the members themselves. All of the hidden conflicts had finally surfaced. It was the end of the First Age, the end of the legends, the end of the optimism. After the Weekend of Hell, many old rules were gone: the no bans except for trolls rule (raycav was the exception), and others. The First Age was over, the Second Age began.

This chapter deals with the Weekend of Hell. It should focus on the experiences of the participants, as well as the causes

Chapter VI: The Second Age: An Overview

It was the beginning of the Second Age, a time during which SDN has become what it is now, the longest period in the history of SDN, and probably the most important one. The First Age was gone forever, and so were its liberties. Talk of invasions was forbidden, the AIIF was disbanded, and even direct linking to another site became forbidden. Old members left or were banned, and many new members joined. Accounts were hacked, secret groups infiltrated, and the board invaded by our greatest enemy to date. Trolls became rare and boring. Over the course of the Second Age SDN slowly evolved to its current state.

This chapter analyzes the Second Age (a time from the Weekend of Hell to the creation of the Chronicle). It is not a description of the events, like the previous chapter, but more like an overview of the changes that happened.

Chapter VII: On News and Gruesome Pics: The Iraq War on SDN

In March 2003, the war with Iraq began. At the same time, the war between the pro-war and the anti-war sides began in the newly created Politics forum. In this war, graphic pictures of war casualties and fancy rhetoric were the weapons. It was the time when Queeb_Salaron, BoredShirtless, and others joined our wonderful board.

This chapter deals with the coverage of the Iraqi war on SDN.

Chapter VIII: The Great Patriotic War

SDN was a mighty pillar of logic in the Second Age. However, soon it would meet its greatest challenge: a collection of genetic degenerates, script kiddies and TrekBBS rejects known as TrollKingdom. This group of evil scum tried to engage us in debate, lost miserably, and declared an all-out war. Moderator passwords were hacked, and the board was defaced by marauding trolls. It was truly a point of greatest peril for SDN. Yet, even the efforts of the trolls could not bring down the wonder that is SD.Net. ALL HAIL SDN!

This chapter deals with the TK invasion and the RDJ incident. This is probably the most controversial topic, since some information on this matter is still off-limits.

Chapter IX: The Huge Shitstorm

<intro missing because I got lazy, and pressed for time.>

This chapter deals with Kelly’s leaving, the banning of Ted, and any other examples of shitstormyness you can think of.

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