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This is a mock frontpage for format testing and comments. This area is for announcements/updates/news etc


In-Universe Real life

Ideally I'd break 'vs' into 'st' and 'sw' columns but I can't work the formatting. I think the mainpage needs the broadest possible categories rather than direct links to useless shit like 'infantry other' - thus my introduction of thematatic categories like 'political environment of star trek' and 'the way star wars forces coordinate and fight'. The term 'planetside forces' is a bit space-opera, but it also includes shit like aerospace fighters and vehicles which were explicitly ignored in the old layout. While short-term these categories would be empty, existing articles could be easily and meaningfully placed in them with little trouble

The number one goal of the new layout is to have more useful infor and links immediately visible, thus the shrinking of the image and the movign of the news area. If anyone has ideas of how to move the 'category contents' thing up further, let me know. And I'm an asshole, so let me know if it stinks too. :)

Oh noes this is trapped in the formatting... :D