Ha'tak-class Mothership

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Goa'uld fleet engaging in orbital bombardment
A Free Jaffa Ha'tak encountering the Prometheus.

The Ha'tak-Class mothership was the primary capital ship used by the Goa'uld. A Ha'tak carries a sigificant arsenal of Heavy staff cannons for ship-to-ship warfare and orbital bombardment as well as serving as a carrier for dozens of Death Gliders while being able to service other spacecraft and carrying up to a thousand Jaffa warriors. Ha'tak class ships can enter planetary atmospheres. The number of Ha'tak class ships is believed to be in the hundreds. Cronus' Ha'tak had a speed of 32,000c.[1]


The primary armament of a Goa'uld Ha'tak are it's heavy staff cannon turrets for ship-to-ship combat. These have been been given on screen a firepower of up to 200 megatons. Hat'tak also are equiped with a set of faster-firing, anti-fighter staff cannon turrets.


A Ha'tak-class mothership is capable of sitting inside the Coronasphere of a blue giant for an hour without shields and ten hours with shields[2]


A Ha'tak has an unusual design with a pyramidal core surrounded by an external framework. A Ha'tak-class ship is over six hundred meters across. Goa'uld Ha'tak class ships are roughly six hundred meters in length.

Normally, a Goa'uld Ha'tak-class ship has a large crew of Jaffa and Goa'uld technicians and overseers, but it can be operated to some degree with only a helmsman.


Over the course of the Stargate franchise, several distinct variants on the Ha'tak design have appeared. This does not include various superheavy flagships that the Goa'uld have built.

The first variant was Ra's Mothership, which lacked the external framework common to most Goa'uld Hat'aks. The general belief is that Ra's pyramid ship was not a military vessel, but a sort of personal yacht used by the most powerful of System Lords to go about his domain.[3]

After Apophis usurped control of Sokar's empire, a second variant was seen, an advanced prototype for a new and improved class of Ha'tak. The performance of this variant is unknown, as SG1 destroyed it before its completion, and no other craft of it's class appeared before Apophis's final Death.[4]

Later still, Anubis fielded a fleet of improved Ha'tak-class ships. These featured improved shields and weapons, allowing it to take on an Asgard Beliskner-class spacecraft, although they could still be defeated by normal Ha'taks. These ships, unlike Apophis's prototype, were not specially built with improved systems, but rather were merely upgrades of conventional Ha'tak-class ships.[5]


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