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About Zod

 Lieks: Dominating planets and countries, killing random bystanders for amusement.
 Dislieks: Kal-El, Kryptonite, Lex Luthor, Dog-curtains.
 Hobbies: Using Chuck Norris as a punching bag. H4xx1ng Faux News.
 Associations: BotM (Citation Needed), HAB (Citation needed).
 Notable Debates: Seeming randomly attacks religious whackos on a whim.
 Goals: Total domination of Planet Houston. Once that pesky Kal-El is out of the way.

About this Article

This articles does not absolutely suck balls. You can (maybe) suggest ways to improve it. Perhaps even live after the suggestion as your overlord's whims dictate.

Did you know. . .

The cake is a lie

The cake is a lie

The cake is a lie

Ceiling cat is watching you masturbate.

Longcat is long.

Every day is Caturday.

Dog curtains give you a +8 against hackers on steroids.

In Soviet Russia, Mudkips liek you!

Never Ever

Say 'Virii'.

Use memes without first lurking moar