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The Galor-class warship is the workhorse of the Cardassian Union Navy from at least the 2360s through the Dominion War.


A Galor-class starship is clearly inferior to 24th-century Federation starships like the Galaxy-class and Nebula-class[1]. Nevertheless, the Cardassian Union was able to fight a prolonged war against the Federation in the 24th century and force the Federation to grant concessions when discussing peace terms, suggesting that these vessels are far more numerous or much easier to replace than Federation starships. It is also possible that the Galor-class is a respectable opponent for the more numerous older Federation ship classes, like the Excelsior and Miranda-class.

Early versions of these ships appear to be only armed with phasers, as during TNG "Chain of Command", when ordered by Captain Jellico to drop their phaser coils, the Cardassians responded that it would leave them defenseless.

Related Classes

The Keldon-class starship is similar in design to the Galor-class; the differences between the two designs are unclear.


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