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GStone is the internet name of a pompous lying blowhard on He makes grandiose bullshit claims similar to those of Stewart at SDI.

He takes the unusual position that the Star Trek Federation would stand a reasonable chance against the Culture of Iain M. Banks' novels if the two civilizations were to go to war.[1]

Example of Debating

Wyrm: Don't be dense. We can't design a matter/antimatter reactor as a power source, either with a dead man's switch or without one. Don't pretend you know the specifics of M/AM reactor design, because you don't.

GStone: And, since you say you can't design one with a dead man/power switch, this discussion is over for me and I am claiming victory over you in this particular debate. I see no reason to discuss it any longer.

Greatest Hits

Chest-beating about his qualifications

Quoted from starfleetJedi forums:

And as someone that is a scientist, as well as militarily tactically trained (though I've never been in the military and I'm not talking about something I just read from a book), I've been both college and real world educated.

Paraphrased: I could tell you where I got my military experience but then I'd have to kill you

But, there's something about us that you haven't figured out yet. Whether you like it or not...we are addictive to others. It's a big reason why Darkstar is still considered bad news, even when the complaint is how he's an idiot or something else.

I can tell you that just being in my presence, many brighten up even when I don't do anything else but stand within a few feet. I've crept back in and checked on them from afar and they are not as well off as when I'm near them. You can see the look on their faces and in their upper body posture. I give a literal high to most people I come across.

And, as much as Wong says he's an engineer with a degree, the engineering incompetance I seen him write on his site over the years makes me think he either cheated on his tests or he didn't go to school. I'm not aware of any university in the US or Canada that requires that you show you're a student when you buy textbooks. I never did at any of the schools I went to. You park in a visitor's spot, walk into the book store, thumb through the books on the relevent subjects you want to learn and choose the one that covers the stuff you want to know.

It isn't even required you do all that because a lot of engineering and physics and such is available online at education sites.

  • -Have I ever fired a gun? Answer: Yes.
  • -Did it take me long? Answer: No, I'm a natural shot.
  • -Have I ever fired a gun on someone? Answer: Yes.
  • -Have I ever been in a knife fight? Answer: Yes.
  • -Have I ever fought unarmed against someone with a gun or without one? Answer: Yes to both.
  • -Have I ever watched men die and/or were they part of the ones I've lead? Answer: Yes to both.

Dead Bodies as Shields against Wide-Beam Phasers

Trekkies have argued that Federation troops could use wide-beam phasers to mow down Stormtroopers in droves. Asked why Federation troops did not use wide-beam phasers to stop a Jem'Hadar charge through a defended chokepoint in the Siege of AR-558 [2], GStone concocted the insane explanation that the Jem'Hadar would sacrifice a few of their comrades, and then the rest would hold up the dead bodies in front of them as shields while they charged through the chokepoint, negating the potential advantages of using wide-beam phasers against them.

"Jemmies are very willing to die for the changelings and to kill their own for continued disobedience in just social interactions. And with all phasers set to wide beam, what makes you think the jemmies wouldn't throw a bunch of their soldiers in the path of the wide beams, as living shields for other soldiers? And then, grab their bodies and hold them up to block more kill shots and tossing them at the starfleet people once they got near?" -- GStone


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