Federation attack-fighter

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Federation attack-fighter

The Federation attack-fighter[1] is Starfleet's only known fighter craft (although multi-purpose small craft like runabouts are sometimes pressed into a similar role). Its official class name is unknown. Fighters of this type are used by Starfleet itself, civilians, and the Maquis.

Physical description

The attack-fighter consists of a wide body incorporating two warp nacelles. A cockpit with seating for two is mounted on top of the hull, and various weapon systems can be added to the stubby wings. Sublight propulsion is provided by two prominent impulse engines[2].

The base version of the craft is armed with pulse phasers and photon torpedo launchers.

Operational history

Attack-fighters are used by Starfleet in support of larger fleets, with fighter wings generally used to provide reconnaissance[3]. Waves of these fighters, when armed with heavy ordinance, can pose a serious threat to capital ships[4].

Starfleet Academy uses attack-fighters as training vessels[5].

Civilian versions of the attack-fighter are used as fast courier vessels[6]. A number of these were bought or commandeered by the Maquis, who refitted them with whatever weapons technology could be purchased on the black market[7].


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