Droideka personal shields

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Shielded Droidekas
Droideka personal shields are the shields employed by some models of Droideka or "Destroyer droids" deployed by the Trade Federation.

Nature of the Shield

The Droideka is a dangerous combat droid not only because it sports dual repeating blasters, but also because it carries a personal shield. This shield activates when the Droideka opens two panels at the base of its "hip." The shield can deflect incoming blaster bolts, leaving the Droideka to concentrate on firing its weaponry at the enemy, rather than seeking cover.

It should be noted that only the Droidekas stationed on the Trade Federation ships and in the palace on Naboo showed personal shields, while the Droidekas employed at the Battle of Geonosis did not. This suggests that not all models of Droideka are equipped with shield systems.

Droideka personal shields can easily withstand fire from several blaster small arms for an indefinite period of time, but even one shot from a starfighter's blaster cannons can penetrate the shield and destroy the droid.