Daedalus-class battlecruiser

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The Apollo over Earth.
The Daedalus in deep space.
The Daedalus and Apollo arriving at M35-115.
The Daedalus-class Battlecruiser

The Daedalus-class battlecruiser (also known as the BC-304) is a Tau'ri capital ship. Based off the earlier Prometheus, the Daedalus was an improved design that was put into mass production. A Daedalus-class ship can carry up to sixteen F-302 fighter craft. It is capable of reaching the Pegasus Galaxy in eighteen days, suggesting a cruise speed of approximately 115 Light-years per minute. In 2007, the Daedalus-class was refitted using Asgard technology. The Daedalus was launched in 2005 to defend Atlantis from the Wraith. It is 611 meters long[1]


  • 32 Railguns[2]
  • 16 VLS Cells[3]
  • 6 Ventral Missile Tubes[4]
  • Mark Eight Tactical Nuclear Missiles[5]
  • Mark Three Tactical Nuclear Missiles[6]
  • Mark Nine Nuclear Warheads[7]
  • Horizon (Apollo only)[8]
  • 7+ Asgard Plasma Beam Weapons[9]

Ships Produced


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