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Chaos is a faction in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Chaos is linked to the Warp and the creatures that dwell within it, most notable among them being the Chaos Gods, as well as their mortal worshipers and followers.


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Chaos Gods

While many chaos forces worship only one of the Chaos Gods, many more worship all of them as a single whole known as Chaos Undivided.

Forces of Chaos

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Threat Assessment

The Forces of Chaos are a considerable menace, and in some rare cases the Imperium of Man and the Eldar have considered them enough of a menace to temporarily ally against them. All Chaos forces attempt to advance the agendas of their particular gods, making them enemies of virtually all other civilizations, but this also makes them prone to fighting among themselves. Some Chaos forces will even attack anything they come across for the sheer sake of causing destruction. Increasing their threat, they can corrupt beings of any species they encounter to join them.

Although Chaos Space Marines wield weapons that are out of date compared to what the Imperium uses, the technological stagnation of the Imperium generally negates any potential gap in equipment, and some of the older equipment used by Chaos forces is in fact technologically superior to new equipment produced by the Imperium.

In Debates

Chaos frequently appears in debates as a factor that would pose a danger if if an outside faction were to invade the Imperium.