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Bagara1000 was a Trektard trolling the MSN vs forums. No one thought it possible but his spelling actually makes Stewart at SDI look immaculate. He blamed the problem first on having ADD, then on ADHD, even though neither affliction is known to cause the dyslexic nightmares that are Bagara's posts.

He went on to make claims of education that were obviously false. He claimed to know calculus. Master of Ossus exposed that lie by asking him to solve a simple derivative which Bagara wouldn't even try to answer. Servo questioned him later with 8th grade chemistry which Bagara needed to Google to answer.

Greatest Hits

  • one soler flar can vapririze the planit or malt the nickl in lass than millasacit
  • no one thinking of hiper drive it power out put to fold space it salf out numbers warp numbers and trek has show that warp can go faster
  • i seen the new wars can tall you how last one going to go
    ankin and padmay have kides
    empier makes ankin a maine leader of new forming empier
    ob1 hides ankins kids
    ankin gos batty at some part
    a 5 yaer old can wright the next star wars perqual