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Super battle droids march into the Geonosis arena

Super battle droids (SBDs) are a model of combat droid designed by Baktoid Combat Automata. They fight alongside the lighter battle droids as heavy infantry.


The SBD was first deployed by the Trade Federation and subsequently adopted by the Techno Union and Confederacy of Independent Systems. They saw extensive action during the Clone Wars as ground troops[1].

Expanded Universe

Following the end of the Clone Wars, the SBD was generally retired, but some units were later transferred to private hands, and a number were successfully deployed against the Yuuzhan Vong[2].


Super battle droids have a humanoid shape. They are larger than standard battle droids and more heavily armored, especially around the torso; allowing them to withstand some small arms fire. Super battle droids are armed with a dual blaster mounted in the forearm and can operate customized blaster rifles[3].


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