Andorian Empire

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The Andorian Empire is an Alpha Quadrant power and founding member of the Federation. The Empire's homeworld is the moon Andoria, orbiting the Andor gas giant.


Andorians are a species of humanoids easily distinguishable by their blue skin and antennae. They favour cold environments, but are capable of surviving in a wide range of temperatures, including ones that would prove fatal to humans. They are, however, easily exhausted.


In the mid 22nd century, the Andorian Empire was a powerful government and long-time rival of Vulcan. This rivalry had led to several notable incidents, including the creation and subsequent destruction of a Vulcan observation post beneath the monastery of P'Jem. Likewise, the Empire had fought a number of conflicts with Tellar.

Andorians of Note

  • Shran
  • Talas
  • Shras
  • Talla
  • Jhamel
  • Gareb
  • Lissan
  • Erib
  • Keval