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¡CreativeCrommonsLicense for the wiki!


¿How fare you?

I notice that you added a wiki to StarDestroyer.Net. ¡This is great! I love the debate between the two camps.

Now to the nitty-gritty:

I have experience on wikis. I run IntactWiki.Org, a wiki devoted to genital integrity. To cut to the chase, copyrightlaw is like a timebomb. Basically, every contributer to the wiki retains copyright on all of their contributions. Someone might contribute all over the wiki and an year later demand its removal for anyone of of a million reasons. You will find that you will have no choice but to revert the wiki to a copyrightclean state. That is a massive multi-year rollback. Basically, you would have to discard years of work by thousands of contributors. Over a million hours of work could go down the drain.

¿What should you do?:

CreativeCommons.Org created licenses for this. Basically, you can tell the crazy contributor:

“¡You accepted the license, so bug off!”

This raises the the question"

“¿Which CreativeCommonsLicense to use?”

One should not paint oneself into a corner. Many people with wikis about commercial series use noncommercial licenses so that they will not get sued by the owners for making money. I do not believe that this is necessary since the debate about Star Wars Versus Star Trek is so peripheral that it is pretty safe. If one does not use the NC-clause, one can offset the cost of the wiki by running ads or even publishing it as a book.

Contributors feel betrayed if their contributions disappear into a proprietary forks. I recommend using the ShareAlike-clause. I recommend using CC-BY-SA:


Walabio 22:53, 10 November 2007 (EST)

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