Your Duty to Report

I think it’s high time that people who keep their mouths shut are charged as accessories to a crime. From the Toronto Sun:

Catholic Children’s Aid Society investigator Osiris Villalobos wiped away tears of his painful memory of the 5-year-old boy at the Hospital for Sick Children on Nov. 30, 2002.

Villalobos was testifying at the trial of Baldwin’s grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman, both 53, who are accused of first-degree murder. Jeffrey died of acute bronchial pneumonia, but extreme malnutrition was the underlying cause.

While all the other rooms at the home were heated, properly furnished and clean, Jeffrey’s room was barren, freezing and disgusting, court heard.

Jeffrey’s bed was literally soaked in urine and caked in dried feces. The floor around his mattress was urine-stained and rotten, Villalobos testified.

A bag of soiled diapers lay on the floor and food remnants lay in what appeared to be a dog bowl, he said.

“Every adult in the house had knowledge of what was happening to Jeffrey (and the other girl) and had failed to report,” Villalobos testified.

Now, it goes without saying that Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman are worthless subhuman scum who should be tortured to death. But what about the other fucking people who were living in this house, who had full knowledge of the torture being inflicted upon this helpless child, and who did nothing? According to the article, there were four other adults living in this house, apparently related to the grandfather. One of them was asked if he knew, and he said that he knew but he didn’t want to report them because he would get kicked out of the house. Yes, that’s right; he turned a blind eye to child torture so he could get free rent.

People love to talk about “personal responsibility”, but there is also such a thing as “social responsibility”, and when you know that a child is being starved, frozen, made to eat out of a dog bowl, and forced to sleep in his own feces, you have to fucking tell someone. Every single adult who lived in that house should be dragged into court and charged as an accessory to murder. I’m sick of this notion that you can’t charge someone for failing to act. Charge these fuckers for failing to act, goddammit. If it were up to me, I’d make them starve, freeze, drink their own urine, and eat their own feces. This poor kid had fecal matter in his lungs, goddammit. News stories like this make me want to vomit.

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  1. aerius says:

    I get this from my cop buddy all the time with regards to shootings & crime in certain areas. Everyone knows who did it but no one wants to talk to the cops because apparently being a snitch is worse than having your buddies and half your family gunned down. It’s nearly at the point where the cops go “fuck it, if you’re not going to help us, we’re just going to put your cases on the backburner and let you all kill each other” or “that’s it, you’re all under arrest then”.

  2. wt says:

    I have been following the Jeffrey Baldwin case with a great degree of interest. I don’t believe there is any stupidity involved with Bottineau/Kidman. These people are into evil and they deliberately starved and mistreated Jeffrey and the other girl to inflict harm. I don’t know what their problem is but there is no justification for this kind of behaviour for anybody. Everytime I read about this case in the newspaper my heart goes to pieces. I believe what goes around comes around and they deserve the wrath they bring upon themselves. I feel terribly sorry for Jeffrey and the other girl and am sure that he has gone to a better place beyond all the suffering. I am also glad that the girl has escaped the clutches of these evil people and will be treated much better from now on. With much sadness and anger in my heart, I am very much interested in knowing what they were thinking about when they inflicted such terrible treatment on Jeffrey and his sister. I hope our justice system will give out the appropriate punishment if they are convicted. However, only they will know what will be waiting for them when the Almighty bears them judgement. With a sunken heart, may God’s Grace be with Jeffrey and let him rest in peace.

  3. Mike says:

    Yes, I agree their actions were pure evil. I can’t find any other word that fits.

  4. alim says:

    These perverted assholes should be locked up in prison for good. Once there they should be thrown into windowless cells and should be not be allowed outside for an excersise period and should not be allowed outside to breathe the air because they denied their grandson the opportunity to do all of those things. A life sentence for both of these sick, and evil animals and a gaurantee that they will never get out will only do justice for Jeffrey.

  5. CountessDeLioncourt says:

    I’ve been following up on the Jeffrey Baldwin case for a while now. What I find most vexxing about this case is that everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that the CCAS should also be charged with accessory to murder. They failed to check the criminal records of Elva and Norman, who were convicted child abusers. Elva’s child Eva died of pneumonia in 1970. It was later concluded that the pneumonia was caused by tiny fractures in the rib cage, preventing the baby from coughing. Elva had been released on a one-year probation for this because of her “mental retardation.”

    Norman had been charged in 1978 with two accounts of assault causing bodily harm in connection with Elv’a two children, then about five and six. He was sentenced to a two year probabtion. He was fined $150 for each account.

    CCAS claimed that there was no rule stating that agents had to do a background check on the people who were stepping in with the care of children. There is now.

    Despite this rule, there should be a punishment for the people who had decided that Norman and Elva would be fit to take care of the children. You say the people living in that house should be charged with accessory to murder because they didn’t report it, when this whole thing could have been prevented if the CCAS tried, for once, to do their jobs properly.


  6. caulene says:

    Well these two twisted individuals have now been convicted of second degree murder. They will be entering the federal prison system to likely enjoy the best years of their lives. Free room and board, social activities, TV, no stress – no worries. According to an earlier entry on this subject, Elva Bottineau apparently is mentally retarded. What in the name of God is CCAS doing handing defenseless children over to someone who obviously does not have the mental capacity to look after anyone? I don’t wish to insult anyone that suffers from mental retardation – as the vast majority are kindhearted loving people that couldn’t hurt a fly; however, throw pure evil into the mix and, well, these two individuals have been allowed to run amok. CCAS should be held accountable – I hope the social workers involved have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

    There are plenty of stories as horrifying as this one out there, the public just isn’t aware. I work in the prison system and it happens on a fairly regular basis. Whats even more shocking is they get very short sentences so they can go out and have more babies to kill and maim. Now if you dare to steal money, you’re going down for a long time, but harming a child, well, a child has very little dollar value, nuff said. There are groups for violence against women, against animals, (Pamela Anderson go save some human babies!), why is there no group making noise in the media for violence against children? Why is there silence? I don’t understand.


  7. peerlovell says:

    Frankly, I think that everyone involved in this thing needs to be made an example of.
    The fat ass grandmother needs to be starved to death. The grandfather needs to be totured in public. But wait a minute, how come I aren’t hearing anything about the CCAS people.
    They should be strung up with all the other boy fucker priests.

  8. Cryme says:

    Well looks like the two of them got life in prison. Good news.

    In my opinion, CCAS should really reconsider taking abused children from their parents and giving them to their grandparents. It’s a well-known fact that abuse is very often hereditary. Parents abuse their children because they were abused when they themselves were kids. You shouldn’t take children from one abuser and give them to the people that abused the abusers in the first place!

    Background checks are good but many times they do not show everything.

  9. whyinhell says:

    I’ve been part of the child welfare system for many years. It is extrememly difficult and infuriating to see the system fail in protecting children. It is not enough and frankly it was disgusting for the present executive director the the Metro Toronto Children’s Ã…id Society to state that back years ago they “didn’t have a policy” about doing record checks. Do we have to have a policy for every little thing that we do as professionals. What about BEST PRACTICE, what about professionalism and where in God’s name were these so call social worker’s SUPERVISORS.
    Intake Worker’s. those that do the abuse and neglect investigations are more Kiddy Cops than they are social worker. They need to be TRAINED in how to do investigations and not be concerned about how they are seen or treated by clients. There wasn’t just one mistake made. In Jeffrey’s case, and those of his siblings, there was one mistake after another after another over a lengthly period of time. It’s not so simple as duh! I forgot to check the file. the problems permeate the entire child welfare system. It all comes down to dollars and cents. The Ontario Government is complaining that the Child Welfare System is too expensive. Their funding formula is based, in part on Intake investigations. There is a maximum dollar amount for each investigation. If the investigation is a quicky then the balance of the money can be used for the operation of the Society. In other words to considerable extent Agency’s are run on the backs of intake investigations. I have come across very poor investigations in my time. I do not rely on any other workers previous assessment of a family. I do my own assessment and respond accordingly.
    I could go on and on about the flagrant flaws that exist within the system. Do I have any answers? No! All I know is that in each and every case I am involved with I do the best that I can based on my years of experience. I don’t give a damn what management says and I certainly don’t give a damn what the Ministry dictates about “compliance” with time lines.
    The whole child welfare system from the ground up need to be held accountable. I hope the Coroner’s office goes at Metro Catholic with a vengence. LONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF JEFFREY BALDWIN!!

  10. Mike says:

    Thanks for the updates. I agree that the CCAS people should get in serious trouble; what they did was criminal negligence under any conceivable definition of the term.

  11. Ivan says:

    CCAS – Children Aid Society. This used to be a noble group of people trying to saven children from abuse. NO MORE – Now we are looking at a Covert Action Society. This organization is now totally permeated by a bunch of fucking feminist that only have one goal in mind. Destroy families. Most of them are ugly,fat,frustate and so jealous of well married women that they can wait to destroy a man. Thousands of cases in Ontario alone. As a parent,don’t you dear punish your child if he his doing something wrong. If those basters find out about it,they will call the police and take the children away. Nevermind if children are crying to stay with their parent.Lawyers have found the holly grail. Now they are making more money with this than divorce cases. The society is moving away from divorce cases because of cost involve. With CAS parents are automatically guilty. To get your kids back you need one of those rotten lawyer. People are loosing their jobs because of criminal charges and their houses to pay the leaches. Great Future.

  12. RLB says:

    Let us not forget about Jeffrey. His memory and what happened to him needs to live on.
    I still can’t believe how this could have happened and I agree, every single adult in that house deserve to be punished! And pardon men but in my eyes, his parents as well. The father even claimed he knew his son was not doing well. Then take him to a fucking doctor or hospital!! What the hell were you thinking? That they would forbid you to see him? You would have saved his life you moron. and another article, where Jeffrey’s ‘mother’ on the stand at the inquest. ‘he didn’t seem that bad’ ‘I didn’t think it was that bad’….are you fucking kidding me!? All of them deserve to rot in hell and I honestly hope that Karma hits in the biggest way possible. Bunch of asses!!!

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