There are no partisans in the world!

Did you ever notice that every political extremist, no matter how predictably he hews to a party line, makes sure that the first thing to come out of his mouth is “I’m not partisan?” When Bill O’Reilly (yes, the same idiot who likened a refusal to teach creationism in school to “fascism”) came on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, he spent most of his time talking about how he’s actually a moderate, he doesn’t take sides, he’s neither left or right, etc. When Rick Santorum (yes, the same moron who says that a woman’s place is in the home and that governments should only let “ideal” parents get married) came on the same program last night, he did the exact same thing: professing repeatedly that he’s not an extremist, and that he’s actually a centrist.

But here comes the question: if a man who thinks that it’s “fascist” for scientists to dismiss creationism and another guy who thinks that gay marriage threatens “homeland security” (yes, Santorum really said this) can call themselves non-partisans, then what the hell is a partisan? Osama Bin Laden? Is that what we’ve been reduced to? Anyone who doesn’t murder people in pursuit of his beliefs can call himself a centrist now?

I’ve seen a lot of debates, and there are many kinds of debaters out there. Some are very calm, and carefully dissect their opponents’ logic. Others wear their feelings on their sleeves. Some combine the two approaches. And then there are the fucktards who spend all of their time on personal advertising, telling everyone how reasonable they are. The sad thing is that a lot of people are actually dumb enough to be fooled by this act. Here’s a tip for all you new people: the harder someone tries to convince you that he’s (honest / upstanding / non-partisan), the less true it probably is. If he really is (honest / upstanding / non-partisan), it will become obvious as you deal with him. He shouldn’t have to “helpfully” remind you on a continuing basis.

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  1. Woolie Wool says:

    I guess Bill O’Reilly can be considered a “centrist” (nore quotation marks) since his moonbat puritanism is counterbalanced by his left-field environmental viewpoints (35 mpg average fuel economy for cars AND trucks? Yeah, and hell is expecting some frost this winter).

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