Salty Balls

Holy Christ, I can’t believe how much salt the city is throwing down on the streets and sidewalks. The blacktop is white. There are literally piles of salt at corners and around posts.

I know they need to limit ice accumulation for safety reasons, but this is ridiculous. They’re burning dogs’ feet and corroding cars into wreckage out here. I think I saw Lot’s wife at the fucking corner of the 401 and Highway 10.

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  1. aerius says:

    Crazy huh? When I used to work in the bike shop I’d be amazed by the amount of damage on the bikes when customers brought them in for spring tune-ups. Aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium would all have serious corrosion damage, bare aluminum frames & parts would have huge pits and voids eaten into the metal by all the salt on the roads and sometimes it looked like the parts had practically melted away. It’s pretty much death to anything made of metal.

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