Bathroom fans

Is it just me, or are bathroom fans weak and pathetic? Listen to the pitiful, apologetic whirring sound that a typical bathroom fan makes: it’s quieter than a woman’s vibrator. Now compare this to one of those good high-powered fans that you find above a large stove or better yet, one of those Japanese places where they cook food on a giant hot-plate.

Why aren’t we using those fans instead of these pansy little quiet whirring things behind the effete white plastic covers? Try going into your bathroom and turning on the fan. Do you really get the feeling that any significant amount of air is being evacuated from the room by this weak-kneed device?

The stench produced by a man’s shit cannot be dealt with by an effeminate little fan. A man’s shit requires a man’s fan. Or maybe two.

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  1. aerius says:

    It could be worse, at least we Canadians don’t have to deal with low-flush toilets along with the wussy fans.

    Now the thing is if you want a man’s fan that sucks out a cubic metre of air every second (enough to fully cycle the air in my washroom every 20 seconds), the washroom will have to be designed for proper airflow so that the inrushing air doesn’t blow away the morning paper or whatever you read while taking a crap. And you probably don’t want a draft blowing against your nuts either.

    Anyway, you’re a mechanical engineer. Design and build a high flow washroom fan, then patent it and get rich.

  2. cndnheel says:

    I just have to add that not only would this help with the stench, BUT a louder and more powerful fan could also help disguise the farts so as to lessen the possible embarrassment as well! I don’t know why, but I hate letting out the big cracking fart or even worse, the wet fart when another person is at the urinal. I’ll even try to hold it in until they leave sometimes. When there is another guy in another stall and he lets it rip though, all bets are off! I still can’t help laughing when a guy lets a big fart rip and lets out an obligatory “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” thoug, I just can’t help laugh man!!! Call it immaturity or whatever, but I had my 33rd B-day party at my place today with all my budies, and sure enough, after the ladies took the kids home and it was just my close friends around and after beer and pizza, it was time to try and “smoke each other out!” It was worse than high school days, but it was kind of funny as hell at the same time, we were all behaved so well around the wives and kids, but once they left, it was stupid man time…LOL!

  3. Mike says:

    I agree; I find the sounds associated with a shit to be most embarrassing. Especially when it’s that horrible splattery sound (you know the one I mean).

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