Asshole with a cell-phone

You know what I hate about cell-phones? The fact that you can’t look up the owner in a directory listing. There’s some asshole that’s been periodically calling my cell-phone for weeks. His phone number is 416-919-5435. I never pick it up because I don’t know the number. But I finally decided I’d better find out who this persistent caller was, so I read his number off the caller ID and called him back. Here’s how that conversation went:

“Who’s this?”

“Who are you? You called my number.”

“Fuck off! I made a mistake, OK? Fuck off!”

He than hung up. Interesting how he didn’t even bother asking any questions (and what kind of person answers the phone with “Who’s this” instead of “Hello”?). He obviously knew that he’d been calling me, and knew that it was the wrong number. But he’d been doing it for weeks! What kind of brain malfunction leads someone to act like this?

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  1. Guardsman Bass says:

    For that matter, who the hell answers a person asking them why they’ve been calling their number with “Fuck off! I made a mistake, OK? Fuck off!”? Maybe he was a prank caller, or he is too stupid to know how to change the number on his cell phone contact list, so everytime he calls a name on the list, he gets the same number. Who knows?

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