Star Wars: Boarding Tactics

Written: 1998.08.01
Last Revised: 1999.08.14

Lord Vader throttles the traitorous criminal known as Captain Antilles, after capturing his puny starship
The illustrious Lord Vader interrogates a traitorous Rebel after another victorious Imperial boarding action.

Unlike the barbaric Federation, we do not subject our loyal stormtroopers to the horrifying matter-energy disintegration/replication process euphemistically termed "transportation". We blast our way into enemy starships and quickly neutralize defenders with overwhelming numbers and superior firepower.

Our stormtroopers are well-equipped to handle boarding actions, with their helmet sensor suites, holographic displays, integrated tactical computers, and sophisticated communications systems. The smoke and debris released by the destruction of a hull section both tend to interfere with the aim of troopers using the unaided human eye, but have no effect on the enhanced capabilities of stormtroopers.

Darkness, nerve gas, bio-weapons, electrical discharge weapons, sonic weapons, most projectile weapons, and even temporary exposure to the vacuum of space are similarly useless against stormtroopers, again thanks to their sophisticated armor. Stormtroopers are dedicated, highly trained, professional, and fearless- unlike Federation soldiers who often react with shock and horror to the loss of a comrade, stormtroopers are trained not to react emotionally to the death of comrades during battle. The dead are suitably honored after battle, but during battle stormtroopers know that victory for the Emperor is paramount.