Debate #1: Robert Mercer

Gothmog is caught breaking our agreement

Before this debate began, Gothmog and I agreed to post "E-mails and responses" (ie- both sides of the debate) in a public forum without editorial comment. This was a fairly straightforward requirement, and I had no problem with it. As the debate began, I followed the procedure, posting his complete, unedited E-mails and my complete, unedited responses in order, as they were sent or received.

However, after two exchanges, I discovered to my chagrin that Gothmog was posting only his E-mails and not my responses at This was a clear violation of our agreement, and I was quite angry because it was his condition in the first place, and now he was reneging on it without telling me! Late December 30, I sent him an E-mail to let him know exactly how I felt about it:

I just viewed the debate thread on, and you are in violation of our agreement.

We both agreed to post the ENTIRE debate unedited, me at my site, and you at That means we post all posts from BOTH debaters. You are posting only YOUR half of the debate!

Honour our fucking agreement now, goddamn it.

I also contacted William Lampi (aka Coolguy, the forum moderator who's posting the debate at separately, asking him to rectify the situation because I had no intention of waiting for Gothmog to get back to me.

The next morning, I got responses from both:


I have only been posting what I have recieved from Gothmog's email that he either forwards or cc's to me, nothing more, nothing less. I would be more than happy to post your arguments in their entirety if you would send them to me (and would you like me to grab your current arguments off your website?). I was doing it this way for the whole predebate debate drama that occured so it would show what sections of yours that Gothmog was replying to (much like how you did on your site with what sections of his that you were replying to), I just kinda did the same thing with the whole actual debate without realising it, sorry for the screw up.

I will restructure the entire thread (or make an entire new one) tomarrow when I come home from work at 7PM PST.

He was good to his word, and by the next day, the debate thread had been split between pre-debate and actual debate, and it now included my posts. But what did Gothmog have to say?

I have been sending both parts to the person doing the posting (I am not doing the actual posting). I will tell him to make sure that he posts both parts. I thought he was.

CoolGuy says he's been posting only what Gothmog sends him (and why wouldn't he?), while Gothmog claims he's been sending both sides. Who do you believe? I've dealt with CoolGuy before and he seems like a good guy, so I'd say Gothmog's clearly lying, especially in light of the following mail he sent to CoolGuy and cc'd (perhaps inadvertently?) to me:

Mike is whining at me that both sides of the debate are not being posted at SB. (I haven't actually looked, since I don't really need to see the material, since I already have it). His rebuttals are posted at his website. Here are the urls so you can copy and paste, if necessary.

This is certainly turning out to be much more of a pain in the ass than I anticipated, and he is certainly just as whiny IRL as he is on his site:P He isn't doing much to improve my opinion of him, so far.

His first counter:
His reply to my counter:

Interesting, isn't it? The two-faced, lying little dipshit tells me that he was sending both parts to CoolGuy all along, but then he goes and asks CoolGuy to add my rebuttals. Does he ask why CoolGuy only posted half of what he sent? Of course not, because we all know that he was lying to me. He never sent my posts to CoolGuy in the first place, so he pretended that he did, and then he went to CoolGuy, complained that I was "whiny" for demanding that he live up to his word (how unreasonable, to expect that a man live up to his word!), and then gave him the information that he claimed he'd given him already.

I hate two-faced liars, so when I saw this E-mail, I quoted it to Gothmog and sent him a short but sweet response:

Suck my cock, motherfucker. This is going on my site.

So as far as the backstage behaviour is going at this debate, I have learned two things: CoolGuy really is a cool guy, and Gothmog is a weaselly little two-faced liar. First he ignored a condition of our agreement which he insisted on (I guess he just wanted me to do it, and didn't expect to be held to it himself). And then, he demonstrated the true mentality of a weasel by acting as though it was unreasonable of me to demand that he live up to his word. Some character.

At this point, he bowed out of the debate. Click here to see him running away.

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