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Flame on! Nicholas Fittro Flame on!

Written: 1999.04.25
Last Revised: 2000.01.05

Nicholas Fittro was just another generic Trekkie fanatic.

I am sorry but you hypotheses on Star Trek against star wars are completely misguided and unsubstantiated.

What a great way to introduce yourself to someone! A simple "hello" would have been nice. How would you like it if someone walked up to you on the street and said "I've heard of you. You don't know what you're talking about!".

starwars is unrealistic in the fact that they do not obey the laws of physics.  Now if you have read the book "The Physics Of Star Trek" good but if you haven't then you need to.  In it they explain that almost all of the technology in Star Trek is plausible and within the laws of physical bounds.

Actually, I have read that book. And no, it does not state that it is all "plausible and within the laws of physical bounds" as you put it. It clearly states that almost none of it would ever work. Read the book carefully.

And one more thing if you fired youy little turbo lazers at our ships our shields wouldn't even wince, because the shields of a Federation starship are immune to the the efects of lazers, and that is why they are no longer in use by starfleet and were replaced by the exponentialy powerful phasers.

This argument is refuted numerous times on my webpage. I see no need to repeat those explanations here, if you obviously haven't bothered reading those portions of my website.

Also your little imperial ships can't go as fast as you suggest to say. If you could cross the galaxy in 5 days then a second at hyperspace would shoot one so far the ship could never get to a precise location.

Yes it could, with precise systems. That's one of the reasons we know that SW must have superior computers. Your argument is specious at best: you are claiming that even though they are known to be able to travel at incredible speeds, they must not be able to because you think it would be unrealistic. They can do it- they have done it, and they have been explicitly described to be capable of doing it. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.

So all I ask is that you be a little less one sided about your site, and a little more open minded about Star Trek.  Because they both have strengths and weaknesses.

Sure they do. I give Trek a lot of credit, but you seem to think that unless I give it as much credit as you do, I must not be giving it any credit at all. They're outnumbered and outgunned. They're up against a civilization that had galactic civilization when they didn't even have steel. It is YOU who are taking away all credit from Star Wars, by suggesting that they've somehow done all of this without having any more capabilities than the Federation.

Oh and one more thing, why is it that Star Trek and Star Wars have to fight?

They don't. I just don't like people who use bullshit-science to "prove" that Trek is better. It all stems from the Trekkie delusion that Trek is the most scientifically realistic sci-fi series, and therefore the best. It is not any more realistic than Star Wars.

Although Star Wars has an infamous past who is to say they can't be allies. By writing this I am not surrendering to Star wars I am merely stating HOW STUPID THIS ARGUMENT REALLY IS!!!!!

If you feel that way, you shouldn't have gotten involved. Don't whine just because your argument doesn't work.

You said they would lose easily. Now just the Federation Might lose to the empire. But the Star Wars Universe would lose to the Star Trek Universe.

Utter nonsense, unless you include Q as part of the Federation. He is no Federation lackey- he has actually come close to destroying humanity on occasion.

You don't understand I am not talking about just the federation.  I am talking about EVERYONE in the star trek universe.  there are over 21014155 star ships in the known star trek universe.

And you got this number from which kind of thin air?

I got this from research something you obviously know nothing about.

The exact numbers are:
Federation: 4,140
Klingons: 1,861
Romulans: 1,380
Jem'hadar: 3,948
Cardassians: 2,385
Borg: 11,000,000
Species 8472: 10,000,000
Ferangi Marauder: 425

Research? From a source which you refuse to name? Don't bullshit me.

(Editor's note: he put a mail-block on me after this, and ran away to the newsgroups where he requested backup! Wayne Poe discovered his cowardice and E-mailed it to me so that I could see. His plea for help follows).

The age old question, Which would win in a war? Now HOPEFULY you would agree with me the Star Trek would win. Well there is a guy with a website that says star wars would win without a doubt, and that star wars is technologicaly superior in all areas. Well I have been able to make some good points but he is tricky and I cannot stump him alone. So if you are a loyal Trek fan visit this wepsite and view the tripe he is spewing. Then prove him wrong in as many E-Mails as you can send. Thank you.

Nicholas Fittro

(Editor's note: I'm not sure which "good points" he thinks he's making, but it's pretty sad that he feels he has to run away to the newsgroups and ask for help. If he had any balls he would just admit that he made up his fleet strength numbers out of thin air, rather than running away and looking for help.


This particular flamewar died a long time ago, and I gave it no further thought. But on January 3, 2000, my opponent sent another E-mail message. You may find this amusing:

Hello again Mike. You may not remember me but we were in correspondence for a few weeks last year. First off I couldn't care less what you believe, or what you think about me. Your ideas are yours and mine are mine, but I am not here to argue any point with you cause I frankly don't have the time. What I would like to talk to you about is your hate mail section. I have received more E-mails than I can count because of that little part of your site. I am sick and tiered of these little geeks e-mailing me about something I did a year ago and don't even care about any more. So to get to the point, you must remove my name, address, and any other information about me from your site or I will take legal action.

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I got this message! There are no written or implied guarantees of confidentiality associated with unsolicited E-mail, or posts made in public newsgroups. In fact, if there were any such implied guarantees, it would be illegal for all of the anti-spam sites to publicize the names and addresses of newsgroup spammers and junk E-mailers. Furthermore, this is a non-profit website so he can't lay claim to a portion of the income derived from my use of his statements. Any portion of zero is still zero.

You may also note that when he ran away to the newsgroups for help, he asked every Trekkie on Usenet to bombard me with "as many E-mails as you can send." Now, he is upset because some people have E-mailed him as a result of my Hate Mail page, and he considers it such an abhorrent invasion of his personal space that he will threaten legal action! What a hypocritical little weasel.

However, if he had politely asked me to delete his E-mail address from this page, I would have actually done so. I carefully removed the E-mail addresses of most of the other people in this page, and the inclusion of his E-mail address was actually an oversight on my part. But it is incredibly rude to immediately threaten legal action without even bothering to ask nicely first.

This guy is a perfect example of what's wrong with our society. People have completely forgotten how to settle their differences like adults, instead of duking it out in court. The court system is clogged with unnecessary, frivolous lawsuits, launched by morons who are either too greedy for minor nuisances like a conscience, or too uncouth to even attempt to settle their differences out of court. People like that make me sick to my stomach.

So in conclusion, my answer to Mr. Nicholas Fittro is: "too bad you didn't ask nicely, because your threats piss me off. So, in answer to your boorish demand, blow me."

Thank you for your time and good day.
P.S. Please do not bother to reply.

Gee, how polite. He puts in some token thanks for my time, and he wishes me a good day (as if he really means that), immediately after threatening me with legal action. And he puts a mail filter on me so I can't even reply to him! A mail message whose only purpose is to convey a legal threat, and whose author blocks out the possibility of a response. I reiterate: this guy is a perfect example of what's wrong with our society.

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