Debate #2: Lord Edam

March 10, 2002 (my second rebuttal):

round two begins just as my network starts getting nimda'ed (and all because the linux-based Sony Storestation insists on having a public folder with full read/write access for everyone. oops. At least the servers are patched, only the idiot users will get hurt by it)

Only a truly irrational M$ advocate would try to pretend that his Windows network was brought down by a Windows virus because of a public directory somewhere (rather than Windows security flaws), and then go on to blame the OS running on the machine which happened to hold that directory! But hey, that just falls in line with your general policy of distorting reality to fit your desires.

Your quality of argument has swiftly dropped to the level of a typical teenaged fanboy, nitpicking minutae, lying about the facts, changing the subject, and evading major points. From here, it looks like you've realized you screwed up, but you won't admit defeat so you'll try to drag this thing out, lengthen the arguments beyond all reason, and turn it into an endurance contest. I don't intend to fall for it, Edam.

Part 1: Star Trek Shield Energy Handling

Part 2: Star Trek Shield Plasma Weakness

Part 3: Base Delta Zero

I will be awaiting your replies to these arguments on or before Tuesday evening.

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