Debate #2: Lord Edam

March 6, 2002 (my first rebuttal):

OK, since I don't see much cross-over here, I'm going to treat these three subjects (two shield subjects and one BDZ) as entirely separate, parallel debate threads.

By the way, I noticed on your website that you're now saying I've chosen to "step from behind [my] website" to confront you. Couldn't help yourself, eh? Obviously, you subscribe to the mantra that I "hide" behind my website if I don't respond to every single one of the dozens of E-mails I receive every day from my two websites or waste my precious free time dicing with fanboys on discussion boards whenever my name comes up (at least now that you've described your job, I know why you have so much free time, but some of us have to work for a living).

Has it ever occurred to you that I saw your page a year and a half ago when you first mentioned it, but rather than cowering in fear, I simply dismissed it as inconsequential because its criticisms were just nitpicks? It was mighty premature of you to run around crowing on Usenet about your "victory in the Star Trek shield debate". There's an old saying about counting your chickens before they're hatched, Edam. You should have listened to it.

Part 1: Star Trek Shield Energy Handling

Part 2: Star Trek Shield Plasma Weakness

Part 3: Base Delta Zero

I will be awaiting your replies to these arguments on or before Friday evening.

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