The Battle of Cardassia Prime

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.07.27

Dominion Objective: Stave off defeat by stopping an allied Federation, Romulan, and Klingon invasion fleet.

Enemy Assets:

  1. A Federation, Romulan and Klingon allied fleet consisting of many hundreds of ships. The exact number of ships is impossible to determine, although we can see many dozens of ships in each screenshot.

  2. A Cardassian fleet, probably consisting of several hundred ships (yes, I know, it's also listed under "friendly assets"). Again, its exact size is impossible to determine. We know about Cardassian production capacity (from the DS9 TM) and we can see dozens of ships in the screenshots, but that isn't enough information for an estimate.

Friendly Assets:

  1. The entire Dominion and Cardassian fleet, reinforced by a large Breen fleet. In total, we're looking at many hundreds of ships, although as usual, we can never see more than a few dozen onscreen at any given time. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to draw inferences based on dialogue and official figures regarding shipbuilding capacity etc.

  2. A Jem'Hadar army on the planet's surface, probably numbering in the millions.


How could the Empire have succeeded where the Dominion failed? We might imagine the following tactics:

Flip side: how would the Empire have fared in place of the allied fleet?

Conclusion: The Empire's ruthlessness, firepower, speed and sheer numbers would completely transform this battle, regardless of which side it's on. It's an easy 2 for 2.