The Battle of Chin'toka

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.07.27

Dominion Objective: Hold the Chin'toka system against a combined Federation, Romulan and Klingon fleet.

Enemy Assets:

  1. A large number of starships, but unfortunately there are no reliable figures on the fleet size. We can assume many hundreds of ships, given that they faced hundreds of orbital weapons platforms.

Friendly Assets:

  1. Heavily shielded orbital weapons platforms, numbering into the "hundreds" and spread throughout the star system. According to Damar, each platform was equipped with "generative forcefields" and armed with "a thousand plasma torpedoes." When the battle began, we saw that they also had some sort of beam weapon, either a phaser or disruptor. The platforms were quite effective, using their torpedoes to hammer down the shields of target ships, and then finishing them off with long blasts from their energy weapons.

  2. Five squadrons of Jem'Hadar fighters, for a total of perhaps 50 to 80.


How could the Empire have succeeded where the Dominion failed? We might imagine the following tactics:

Flip side: how would the Empire have fared in place of the allied fleet?

Conclusion: The Empire's planetary shield and hyperdrive technology would have completely transformed this battle. In the Dominion's place, they could have held Chin'toka and used the opportunity to smash strategic targets in Alliance territory. In the Federation's place, the Empire would already have achieved the mission objective without having to fight. If they insisted on fighting anyway, their hyperdrive and willingness to employ orbital bombardment would have given them the pointless victory. I would give the Empire 2 for 2 in this battle.