The Third Battle of Bajor

Seen in "Sacrifice of Angels"

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.08.03

Federation Objective: Stop Gul Dukat from destroying the minefield blocking the Bajoran wormhole.

Enemy Assets:

  1. Approximately 1200 Dominion and Cardassian vessels including fighters.

  2. DS9 station defenses: numerous phaser banks and photon torpedo launchers.

Friendly Assets:

  1. Two battle fleets combined into a single task force, adding up to roughly 600 ships including fighters.


How could the Empire have succeeded where the Federation failed? Their tactics might look like the following:

Flip side: how would an Imperial officer have fared in Gul Dukat's place?

Conclusion: The events of the third battle of Bajor were driven largely by the Federation's inability to accelerate around the Dominion battle line and attack DS9. With that impediment removed, the battle would occur around DS9 itself instead of taking place in deep space, far out of weapons range. Advantage: Empire. On the other side, the Empire could achieve Dukat's objectives without having to bother with a battle. I would give the Empire 2 for 2.