The Second Battle of Bajor

Seen in "A Call to Arms"

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.07.27

Dominion Objective: Bring reinforcements from the gamma quadrant to the alpha quadrant. In order to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to stop the Defiant from mining the entrance to the Bajoran wormhole.

Enemy Assets:

  1. DS9 station defenses: numerous phaser banks and photon torpedo launchers.

  2. Martok's Bird of Prey (note that the Defiant itself was noncombatant while it laid mines)

Friendly Assets:

  1. One large battle fleet. Its exact size was difficult to estimate, but we can surmise that it may have ranged as high as several hundred ships. The fleet included one large command vessel.


How could the Empire have succeeded where the Dominion failed? Their tactics might look like the following:

Flip side: how would an Imperial commander have fared in Sisko's place?

Conclusion: The Empire's hyperdrive technology and somewhat less ethical standards mean that this battle would have been largely moot, regardless of which side the Empire replaced. In place of the Dominion, the Empire could achieve the objective of bringing reinforcements from the Gamma Quadrant without a wormhole. In place of the Federation, the Empire wouldn't be trapped in the quandary of wanting to stop wormhole traffic without damaging the wormhole itself. I would give the Empire 2 for 2 in this battle.