The Battle of Endor

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.11.11

Objective: Crush the Rebel fleet.

Enemy Assets:

  1. Dozens of large capital warships, ranging in size from less than one mile in length to more than five miles in length.

  2. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of fighters (a precise count is impossible).

  3. Luke Skywalker.

  4. The native Ewok population of the Endor sanctuary moon.

Friendly Assets:

  1. One Death Star.

  2. One impermeable planetary shield projected from Endor (as opposed to the semi-permeable shield projected by DS1).

  3. One legion of stormtroopers, including AT-ST walkers, speeder bikes, and AT-AT walkers.

  4. Almost two dozen Star Destroyers, including the 11 mile long Executor.

  5. The Emperor and Darth Vader.


Could the Federation have succeeded where the Empire failed?

Flip side: how would the Federation fare in the Rebellion's place?

Conclusions: It's exceedingly hard to imagine the Federation duplicating the Rebellion's success in this battle, and as previously noted, it's impossible to put them in the Empire's place, so I would give them 0 for 1.