The Battle of Yavin

Written: 2000.07.10
Last revised: 2000.07.27

Objective: Destroy Yavin IV before the Rebels can evacuate.

Enemy Assets:

  1. 30 X-wing starfighters.

  2. The Yavin IV moon base defenses.

Friendly Assets:

  1. One Death Star.


Could the Federation have succeeded where the Empire failed?

Flip side: how would the Federation fare in place of the Rebellion?

Conclusions: The Federation would have no hope whatsoever of even engaging the Rebellion in the Battle of Yavin. As the Rebellion, their torpedoes would have been too clumsy to negotiate the turn into the exhaust port, so they wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the Death Star's Achilles heel. A direct frontal capship assault on the Death Star would, of course, be suicide. I would give the Federation 0 for 2 in this battle.


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