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TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

PICARD: To all Maquis ships -- call off your attack or we will be forced to engage you.

WORF: No response.

PICARD: You are Federation citizens. Your actions are in violation of our treaty with the Cardassians. Call off your attack.


PICARD: Are we in firing range?

WORF: Not yet, sir.

PICARD: Arm phasers and photon torpedoes and stand by.

RIKER: I never thought we'd be firing on our own people to protect a Cardassian ship.

Culture: Picard still addresses the Maquis as "Federation citizens" even though he had previously told them they would no longer be Federation citizens. Furthermore, this attack is taking place in the Demilitarized Zone between the Federation and the Cardassian Empire, so it's not in Federation space.

Think about it: Captain Picard is taking a Federation warship into the DMZ in search of independent people who are conducting a private war that is none of his business. He intends to arrest them for violating Federation treaties which they are not beholden to, and he is even willing to fire upon them in order to achieve this goal!

TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

PICARD: Starfleet does not condone the Maquis' actions in the Demilitarized Zone. Any more than your government condones paramilitary actions by Cardassian civilians.

GUL EVEK: We have taken measures to deal with our colonists who have armed themselves.

PICARD: Considering that they destroyed a Juhryan freighter less than a week ago, I'd say your efforts have met with limited success.

Culture: the tables have turned. Where once Kirk was the sabre-rattling soldier trying to protect the interests of the Federation from the stupidity of bureaucrats and naive diplomats, now Picard is the bureaucrat and naive diplomat who tries to stand in the way of the sabre-rattlers who would arm the Maquis.

This would be like an American soldier trying to stop the United States from arming the Afghan freedom fighters when they were fighting against Soviet invaders. Mind you, it would have been nice if the US had also supported the Taliban government's opposition afterwards in order to oppose Pakistan's meddling, but the politicians obviously didn't care about anything but their war against communism.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

NECHAYEV: Evek manages to make the Cardassians sound like helpless sheep being preyed on by Federation wolves. The truth is, we caught the Cardassian government supplying its colonies in the Demilitarized Zone with weapons.

PICARD: Gul Evek assures me that practice has stopped.

NECHAYEV: Ah. How comforting.


NECHAYEV: ... the Maquis are moving beyond self-defense. Their ranks are growing... they've acquired ships, weapons... they seem to be preparing for a more aggressive military posture. We have to put a stop to them, before the entire Demilitarized Zone ignites.

Culture: even after discovering Cardassian interference in the DMZ, Captain Picard and Admiral Nechayev both agree to crack down on their own side in this little skirmish, rather than levelling the playing field by playing tit for tat with the Cardies.

There is only one conceivable explanation for such spineless behaviour, and that's fear. They must be so afraid of a possible escalation with Cardassia that they'll do anything to prevent it. They'll even attack and imprison their own people. Although individual Federation ships appear to outclass Cardassian warships, the Cardassians must have a military advantage of some sort. Perhaps their society is so heavily militarized that they have a much larger military than the Federation, thus compensating for inferior starships.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

MACIAS: I lived on Juhraya... the colony suddenly found itself in Cardassian territory when the treaty was signed. Some of us chose to stay and take our chances. One night I was dragged from my bed and beaten. The authorities clucked their tongues and agreed it was an unfortunate incident... and did nothing.

RO: I'm not surprised. The Cardassians intend to make life so unpleasant for Federation citizens that they'll leave.

Culture: Ro Laren agrees with Picard that these people are still "Federation citizens". They're just a special class of citizens, who are bound by Federation edict but not entitled to Federation aid.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

KALITA: How do you plan to get out of the Demilitarized Zone without being searched at one of the checkpoints?

RO: We're going to cross the border here.

KALITA: There are sensor buoys all along the border. If we cross anywhere other than a checkpoint, Starfleet will send a ship to investigate.

RO: With the right security codes, we can disable the proximity detectors on the buoys.

KALITA: Starfleet changes those codes all the time.

RO: I know the encryption algorithims. If I can access the bouy's protocol subsystem I should be able to figure out the codes.

Culture: the security "backdoor" exploited by Ro Laren is the sort of thing that's designed for one reason, and one reason alone: to allow the authorities or the software developers (who are one and the same in this case) to spy on supposedly private communications at will. No wonder techies in Star Trek can always break through encryption in a matter of minutes or hours.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 176: "Pre-emptive Strike"

PICARD: We've come up with a plan that has the potential to seriously curtail the Maquis. We want to give them a target so threatening -- that they'd be willing to commit as many people and ships as possible to destroy it.


RO: And when the Maquis attack it, Starfleet will be waiting for them.

PICARD: We'll station our ships in the Hugora Nebula to avoid detection.

Culture: Captain Picard is so eager to arrest the Maquis that he's willing to lay a trap for them.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 177: "All Good Things"

GEORDI: There is no Neutral Zone, remember?

PICARD: Right... right. Klingons... in this time period, the Klingons have taken over the Romulan Empire...

GEORDI: And the relations between us and the Klingons aren't real cozy right now.

Culture: the Klingons appear to be the most powerful military organization in the Alpha Quadrant, despite Federation and Romulan blustering to the contrary. In one alternate timeline they defeated the Federation, and in this alternate timeline they were able to conquer the Romulan Empire.

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