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TNG Season 2, Ep# 44: "Up the Long Ladder"

RIKER: That wasn't necessary. The ship will clean itself.

BRENNA: Well, good for the bloody ship!

Misc: the Enterprise somehow cleans itself. It would be interesting to know how this is done, whether it extends to individual quarters, and whether people are allowed to turn this process off.

TNG Season 2, Ep# 44: "Up the Long Ladder"

GEORDI: Where are you going?

RIKER: To that cloning lab.

SCREENPLAY: Riker, Pulaski and Geordi beam into the chamber. At last we see two of the cloning units. Riker approaches one of the smoke filled artificial wombs. He opens the door, and the smoke vents into the lab. Inside is a half-formed clone, but it is still recognizably the first officer. He recoils. We see his anger and disgust as he gropes for his phaser. Riker blasts the developing clone. It vanishes. Riker steps to the second cloning unit. Opens the door; the smoke vents. He looks inside, looks back to Pulaski and cocks his head toward the clone. Pulaski nods. Riker blasts that clone, and it vanishes.

Culture: they are reluctant to destroy any form of alien life they encounter, no matter how dangerous or aggressive. But when they encounter a clone, they kill it immediately.

It was clearly immoral for the Mariposans to abduct Riker and Pulaski and steal their DNA, but once the stolen cells have begun to replicate (and it is obvious that they had already done so, since the clone bodies were mostly formed), then it is a living being. Its DNA "parent" wouldn't have the right to kill it any more than a normal parent has the right to kill his child (although some abortion advocates might want to argue about a parent's right to terminate a child).

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