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TNG Season 5, Ep# 121: "The Perfect Mate"

RIKER: The replicator is here ... comm panel here ... the sonic shower is through there ... you can adjust the lights by verbal commands ... and if you have any questions, just ask the ... (she approaches him, he finds himself becoming distracted) ... the ... computer ...

(she kisses him)

RIKER: I'm beginning to sense those elevated pheromones you were talking about.

KAMALA: You were curious, weren't you?

RIKER: Curious isn't exactly the way I'd describe it.

KAMALA: Do you know what is remarkable about empathic metamorphs?

RIKER: You mean, there's something even more remarkable about you?

KAMALA: We learn so quickly what stimulates a man... that the second time is even better than the first...

(she kisses him again, more passionately)

RIKER (obviously suffering from Blue Ball Syndrome): Listen ... this has been ... educational ... but I've made it a policy never to open another man's gift.

KAMALA: I know my role in history, Commander... but it's going to be a long voyage...

RIKER: It certainly is. We'll try to make you as comfortable as possible (he rushes out the door).

RIKER (sweating, palpitating, leaning against the wall): Riker to bridge. If you need me, I'll be in holodeck four.

Culture: poor Riker. We've all experienced the "aching balls" syndrome (well, all of us guys, anyway), but none of us have ever had a holodeck in which to "relieve" the pain.

Riker obviously does, and I suppose this means that such activities aren't prohibited (perhaps they're even commonplace). However, we saw in "Hollow Pursuits" (and numerous other incidents) that it's not unusual for people to barge in on somebody's holo-adventure without so much as a warning bell.

If people routinely use holodecks to relieve sexual frustration, it would be pretty embarrassing to get caught. I would think that some taboos should apply, much like the taboos that keep most people from peeking their heads over the partitions between toilet stalls in a public bathroom.

TNG Season 5, Ep# 121: "The Perfect Mate"

KAMALA: I'm afraid my premature emergence from stasis has left me a little... vulnerable to the desires I sense from men. Nevertheless, this is who I am, Captain. You might as well ask a Vulcan to forgo logic... or a Klingon to be nonviolent.

Culture: again, they act as though logic and violence are intrinsic characteristics of Vulcans and Klingons, rather than learned behaviours. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I would like to point out that if you replace "Vulcan" and "Klingon" with race names such as "black" or "hispanic", these sentiments are quite obviously racist in nature.

TNG Season 5, Ep# 121: "The Perfect Mate"

BRIAM: If this is some sort of bribe, I am not amused.

QOL: Oh no, Ambassador ... your attitude is quite understandable.

PAR LENOR: This is just a sample.

QOL: The bribe is ten thousand more.

PAR LENOR: Ludugial gold, the purest in the galaxy.

QOL: We know the lifestyle of a Kriosian Ambassador is barely comfortable.

PAR LENOR: You deserve to live a life of luxury.

BRIAM: I am insulted. How dare you suggest ...

QOL: You drive a hard bargain.

PAR LENOR: Twenty thousand, but not an ingot more.

QOL: We must have the metamorph!

Replicators: Quark will someday describe gold as "worthless" in comparison to latinum, but he is obviously exaggerating. It obviously has some value even in the age of replicators, or Par Lenor wouldn't be trying to bribe Briam with twenty thousand units of it (which will supposedly buy him a "life of luxury").

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