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TNG Season 1, Ep# 3: "The Naked Now"

RIKER: All I have is a vague memory of reading somewhere about someone taking a shower in his or her clothing.

DATA: Ah. The body Geordi discovered.

RIKER: And I believe it may have happened before.

DATA: To "someone," "somewhere."


RIKER: This may take some time?

DATA: At least several hours.

Computers and Androids: it takes several hours for the Enterprise main computer to search through Starfleet's records for people being found dead after taking showers while fully clothed. One would have hoped that a 24th century starship computer would be quicker than Google :)

TNG Season 1, Ep# 3: "The Naked Now"

PICARD: Doctor, every person on that ship over there died. Is there any chance that whatever did it is loose on my ship?

BEVERLY: If you mean a disease, sir, I'd say there's no chance of it. We used full decontamination, we examined each team member carefully...

Culture: their blind faith in their technology is so great that it leads to reckless abandonment of prudent safety measures. They don't use environmental suits or 24-hour quarantine periods. Instead, their away team members happily allow themselves to be infected with dangerous pathogens, and then they rely on the transporter to remove them afterwards!

TNG Season 1, Ep# 3: "The Naked Now"

RIKER: That's it! Historical! I remember now that I was reading a history of all the past starships named Enterprise.

Computers and Androids: the Enterprise computer never did successfully locate the entry in its database, but luckily, Riker's memory was more effective than the full-text search and they were able to narrow their search to records involving previous ships named Enterprise.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 3: "The Naked Now"

RIKER: Captain, the ship's engines are cut off from the bridge. And I have the reason. The assistant chief engineer pulled out the isolinear optical chips from command and all engines are off-line.

Design: they have no manual overrides or local independent backup systems. Therefore, if the computer is off-line, there is no way to fire the engines. It's a good thing Apollo 13 wasn't designed this way.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 3: "The Naked Now"

WORF: What we're seeing, sir, is a huge chunk of the star's surface blown off, heading for us!

Shields and Forcefields: the star's surface must have been solid, since a solid chunk was hurled out. We later saw that this chunk was a few times larger than the diminutive USS Tsiolkovsky, it was not accompanied by a dense debris field, and it was moving so slowly that the Enterprise was able to shove the Tsiolkovsky at it with greater speed than it possessed.

As Ted Collins points out, this raises the question of why they didn't simply point their tractor beam at the fragment itself in order to "push off" and avoid an impact that way, but to be fair, everyone on board was basically inebriated, so their judgement was presumably impaired.

The danger posed by this slow-moving fragment is quite telling. Even if its mass is enormous, the physics of any collision dictate that the limiting factor is the smaller of the two bodies rather than the larger one. The Enterprise would have only had to absorb the change in its own velocity upon impact, since it was not required to stop the fragment dead in its tracks (indeed, if its mass was as great as advertised, the fragment's velocity would be largely unaffected by the collision).

This reveals that Federation ships do not handle physical impacts very well, but to be fair, this failing is commonplace and it makes sense for reasons upon which I hope to elaborate in my shield page someday, if I ever get time.

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