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TNG Season 2, Ep# 27: "The Child"

PICARD VO: Captain's log, supplemental. We have finally arrived at 'aucdet Nine. We will pick up the specimens of Plasma Plague and transport them to Rachelis. It is only because so many lives are at stake that I am willing to put this ship and crew at such great risk.

Culture: Again, Picard is willing to put the ship and crew and their families at great risk, by undertaking this mission without first separating the saucer.

TNG Season 2, Ep# 27: "The Child"

DATA: Perhaps it is a sensor malfunction. Computer -- query. Is growth actually occurring?

COMPUTER: Confirmed.

Computers and Androids: evidence of Data's stupidity (remember the difference between intelligence and knowledge; his brain can apparently store a vast amount of information, but that does not necessarily denote intelligence).

Not only has he been unsuccessfully trying to imitate human behaviour for decades, but now he suspects a sensor malfunction, so he asks the computer if growth is "actually occurring". How is the computer supposed to know something that the sensors don't, since its only source of information is ... the sensors?

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